Situated in a late 1800-style building, the Rees family acquired the drug store in 1938. It was a working pharmacy and soda fountain from the late 1800s up until the year 2000. The Rees family ran the drug store with three generations of pharmacists, including the grandfather, Doc Rees; the father, Ralph; and the daughter, Connie. The family did a lot for the people of Geneva, so there is a pharmaceutical museum in Rees' Corner to pay tribute to them.

Our business owner and manager, Patricia Szewczyk Green, grew up in Geneva. She remembers spending a lot of time at Rees' drug store in the 1950s, especially during the school’s lunch hour when she would walk to Rees' and get a hot dog and coke for 25 cents.

Today, Rees' Corner mixes the past with the present.


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